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I am pleased (and relieved) to announce that the final three chapters of  my fic series, Stargate: Parallel Universe have been posted!

They are as follows:

Chapter 34: Coming Home

Chapter 35: Daybreak

Chapter 36: The Need to Know

For those of you who have been waiting until it was all done to begin reading it,  have at it. You can start with the intro chapter  "Things You Should Know" .

Thanks to all of you who have offered encouragement and support through the last year.  I hope it lived up to your expectations.
29 October 2006 @ 02:07 am
Is this community still open or is it now closed???
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13 October 2006 @ 06:33 am
Title: Stargate: Parallel Universe
Fandom: Stargate SG-1 / AU
Category: Gen / Het
Rating: PG13 (NC 17 chapters marked flist only)
Main Character: Jack O'Neill
Timeline: Seasons Five through Eight

Note: Contains Possible Minor Spoilers

The first fifteen chapters of the Stargate: Parallel Universe have been posted.

To those of you that had encountered Parallel Universe on sg1_backstory, the majority of it has been rewritten, fleshed out and put in timeline order. It's also grown a bit as the original had less than 15 chapters and this one is only half posted. :) The rest of the chapters will be posted as quickly as real life allows.

I've added an introductory chapter outlining the parameters of the universe this fic is writing in and incorporated many of your observations from your comments on the original.

The link to the intro chapter "Things You Should Know before entering the Parallel Universe" will lead you into the journal and the link to the other chapters.

Intro: Things You Should Know
• Cats and Dogs
• Lifeline
• Broken
• Roadblock
• Lost, Missing, Mislaid
• Turning Point
• Waiting
• Wanting
• Honey and Wine (NC – 17: flist only)
• It's Early Yet
• Adaptation
• Choices
• Borrowed Time
• Threat
• Discovery
16 September 2006 @ 01:19 pm

My fanfic journal sg1_backstory  will be closing at the end of this month September 06.  The fanfics housed on this account are being moved to two different locations:  

My stand alone fics, challenge answers, ect. will be housed at The Other Side of the Gate, my new fanfic archive.  All newly written fanfics are being housed there.  Anyone who has fics on this journal let me know what you would like done with them.

The updated Stargate: Parallel Universe fic is being housed in its own journal.  The first six chapters have been re-edited, re-titled and are already up including a new chapter not previously posted here.  New chapters have been added since being posted here and the work has been re-edited to fill in any plot holes and smooth out the rough edges. It’s being moved chapter by chapter and should be completed by the end of September.

The newer journals are much prettier, with indexes and tags so you’ll be able to find what you need easier.  

I want to thank everyone for their support and invite you to friend the other journals. All my new fanfic will be posted there.

This is being widely cross-posted so I apologize if it appears more than once on your friends page.

01 September 2006 @ 12:01 am
The challenge #3 for September 1, 2006:

15 August 2006 @ 11:45 pm

Title: Road Trip

Fandom: Stargate SG-1

Character: Samantha Carter

Spoilers: Post “Heroes”

Rating: G

Warnings: None

Length: 896 words

They had dubbed it the “Estrogen Express Road Trip” and declared the infamous “Thelma and Louise” as their patron saints.


16 August 2006 @ 01:37 pm
Title: Change
Author: Numnut
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Characters: Jack
Challenge: change (sg1_backstory)
Rating: PG, thoughts
Summary: A change was coming.
Word count: 620
Spoilers & warnings: Spoilers for season three (I think)
Disclaimer: Mine? You gotta be kidding. Money? Don't have any, don't bother.
Author's notes: Thanks to the Twitch for the beta ::hugs::

ChangeCollapse )
07 August 2006 @ 10:56 am

Here's a new challenge for those who have finished the first one.  Although I planned to post challenges twice a month I decided to post a new one today in case anyone wanted to give it a try.

"Road Trip"

02 August 2006 @ 02:15 pm

Title: "No Change"

Fandom: Stargate SG1
Character:  Jack / Sam
Spoilers: None
Rating: Gen

Word Count: 449



01 August 2006 @ 02:08 pm
Cameron was thirsty and hungry.

Spending all day on a backwater chunk of rock while Sam and the infamous Dr. Lee scanned for Naquadah traces was not his idea of interstellar adventure. It was hot and dusty and not one trace of a hot alien priestess to be seen. How the heck did Sheppard manage to find all those “lookers” every time he stepped through the gate? Different galaxies had their perks he supposed.

But now he was back at SGC, cleaned up, thirsty and hungry. He was going to have to talk to Landry about the cafeteria closing at the oddest hours, but at least there were the vending machines. He would have preferred a beer, but right now a Mt. Dew and a pack of Grandma’s Choco Chip cookies would certainly hit the spot. The Grandma’s cookies weren’t quite what his own Grandma would offer, but in his exhausted and famished state it was close enough for government work.

Cameron pulled his wallet out from his back pocket. Hmmm. Payday just didn’t come around fast enough. All he had was a solitary $20 that he really needed to gas up the bike. Besides, the cafeteria bill changer hadn’t worked in over a month so there was no getting any George Washington’s outta that baby anyway.

He fished through his pants pockets and found a couple of pennies and a nickel. Damn, that wouldn’t do it, but he managed to scramble up a few quarters from the depths of his jacket pockets. Ahhh, at least he could get that cool, crisp Mt. Dew! His fingers trembled as the coins tumbled into the slot, one by one, and he pushed the magic button of desire, but then. . . .nothing happened. He grabbed the sides of the wicked machine and shook it vigorously. Nope, no sounds of liquid gold in a can thundering down to the opening slot. Kicking it mercilessly didn’t work either. Swearing was even less effective.

Where was Siler? Everyone knew he had the biggest and best wrench, but where was he? A quick look at the roster told Cameron the man he needed the most was off duty. Drats. Sam had a very cool magnet trick that she used on occasion, but she was off with her “beau that no one was supposed to know about” (but everyone did). Cameron made a mental note to pay more attention to her headache inducing technobabble. In the meantime, he was stuck. The beverage machine was definitely toast, but the cookies – he could still get the cookies.

Maybe Walter had some spare change.

runs very fast, very far away
01 August 2006 @ 10:54 am

“What is the purpose of this metal mountain, O’Neill?” Teal’c asks as he bitesoff a huge chunk of pink fuzzy confection.


“It’s, it’s…” O’Neill opens his arms wide to encompass the object which took up their entire view. “It’s FUN!”


“It’s not everybody’s idea of fun, Sir.” Carter advises as she and Daniel arrive and look up at the roller coaster.


“Carter! Daniel! Don’t call me sir. We’re off duty… So, you decided to join us. “


“We wouldn’t miss this for the world.” Daniel says cheerfully. “Teal’c’s first ride on a roller coaster…it’s an event!”


You know he’ll love it!” O’Neill states knowingly.


Carter grins. “Of course.” She looks at Teal’c seriously. “You’ll love it, Teal’c…if… you… survive.”


“So, it is a challenge of survival on your world?” Teal’c asks, finally understanding.


O’Neill. “Yes. Yes! Every teenager must survive this. It is a trial of courage!”


“But I am not a…teen…ager, O’Neill.” Teal’c states, his dignity offended.


“’All the more reason to do it now. You’ll be able to take Rya’c next time he visits!”  Teal’c raises one eyebrow. He’s getting suspicious.


“Jack, do you think you should push him?” Daniel questions.


“He’s an experienced pilot, for crying out loud!” O’Neill, frustrated exclaims.


“All right. You’re right, Jack.” Daniel faces Teal’c and puts his hand on Teal’c’s shoulder. “YOU can do this, big guy. I have confidence in your abilities.” Then he pats Teal’c’s shoulder.


O’Neill throws his hands up in frustration, “Let’s go already!”


Carter snorts. “Don’t worry Teal’c.” Carter says smiling. “If you can fit, you will do great.”


Teal’c raises the eyebrow again, “Fit?”


O’Neill, “He’ll fit!”


After they wait in line for 30 minutes which was more than enough time for Teal’c to finish his pink cotton candy, they take seats on the ride. O’Neill and Teal’c take front row seats. Carter and Daniel take seats behind them “For the better view.” as Daniel stated.

The ride is about to start and the harnesses come down automatically. A seventeen year old employee of the park pushes with all his strength on Teal’c’s harness. “Teal’c, blow the air out of your humongous lungs”.  O’Neill instructs. Teal’c's harness clicks in. O'Neill continues, “You can breathe now, T. Click that safety belt in.”


Teal’c swallows some air and attaches the safety belt. “Thank you, O’Neill. This harness is quite secure.”


Carter and Daniel are snickering behind them, not only at Teal’c’s predicament, but at O’Neill, whose legs are so long that he’s holding them up from the floor as the ride starts.


The ride lurches forward and slowly tops a tall hill. The fake track below them disappears leaving nothing but air beneath them and Teal’c’s eyes get very big. Then the ride takes a dive and works up to full speed. The intrepid SG1 are twisted and turned and thrown every which way for a few minutes…which feels a lot longer. Finally, the seats are pulled back into the entry area and the harnesses release and pull up. O’Neill just sits there.


“That was indeed a test of courage.” Teal’c announces.


“And of your ability to take G’s, Teal’c.” Carter agrees brightly as she exits her chair. Daniel and Teal’c get up, but O’Neill stays in the chair. Waiting teenagers glare at them.


Daniel. “Jaaaack?”


Carter. “Colonel, the ride is over.”


O’ Neill. “It’s been a while. These rides are….different” Wobbling, he extricates himself from the chair, with as much dignity as he can muster, then glares back at the teenagers.


They all leave the area and take the exit ramp down.


“So, Teal’c,” O’Neill questions, “’you thought that was a good test of courage? I heard you yelling. “


“Yes, O’Neill. However a Jaffa must feel free to use a warrior cry when necessary.”


O’Neill raises his eyebrows doubtfully. Daniel and Carter laugh.


“With all, due respect, sir,” Carter looks at O’Neill with her eyes raised seriously. “You screamed like a girl.”


“Like a girl, Carter? Isn’t that sexist?”


“May be, sir, but also accurate.” Carter asserts.


Daniel snorts.


Teal’c comforts O’Neill. “High pitched screams are known to bring much terror to opponents.”


“Yeah. Yeah.” O’Neill agrees. “OK team! On – to – the - Carousel!”


Teal’c stops. “Is this another test of courage, O’Neill?”


“Yes, yes it is.” O’Neill says seriously.


“Get your cameras ready, guys. T on a carousel pony. Now, that’s a memory.” He smiles one of his all too rare smiles, then attempts a little hop. “Ow.” He pats his knee, hops again and heads off toward the carousel humming “We’re Off to See the Wizard.”


Carter and Daniel grin at each other, join hands with Teal’c, then catch up with O’Neill.


01 August 2006 @ 02:00 am
As everything is changing in the Stargate Universe, I've decided to make a change as well and change the nature and name of the "SG-1 Backstory" community. The new name is "Stargate: Real Life".

"Stargate: Real Life" is a fan fiction challenge community dedicated to the behind the scenes lives of the characters in the Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis Universe. We know what they do at work, let's see what they do outside of work.  
Twice a month, on the 1st and the 15th, there will be a word or a theme challenge issued for members to reply to.  Replies must be 100 words or more in length and a copy of the reply must be posted to the community. The nature of the reply can deal with any aspect of the word or theme as long as it takes place outside of the workplace and work hours of the character(s) involved. 

 You can have your characters interact with the other characters, just try to find a way to do it outside of their jobs.  For example:  Carter and Siler working on her motorcycle, O'Neill making ceramic pots, an inter-departmental basketball game or playing ping-pong.  Anything and anywhere as long as they're not working although try to get them outside of the SGC from time to time.  :)

Anyone can read this journal but if you want to post or comment you will need to become a member. It's not meant to exclude anyone but to promote accountability. Once you become a member, you can post and comment immediately.  

You'll also notice there will still be some posts from the former incarnation of the journal hanging around until I can get them tagged and moved to the  sela21k_archive.  You can ignore them, read them or re-read them as the mood takes you.

So....let's see how this works. 

Challenge # 1:


What?  You didn't see that coming?  : ) Tell your friends.  Have a good time.

28 July 2006 @ 02:11 pm
He knew she was waiting for him to stop her.

Every time she mentioned Pete, every time she flashed the ring, with each tidbit dropped about the wedding preparations, Jack knew Sam wanted him to stop her. He could see it in her eyes when she showed up in his backyard to tell him about the house Pete had bought and he could see the feelings of betrayal as Kerry stepped out of the back door. He had moved on as she had moved on and there was no reason now for him to stop her.

As Sam ran from the backyard Jack knew that not only was she running to her dying father but away from him. He knew all it would take was a word to bring her back but the look of painful realization in Kerry's eyes stopped him.
08 July 2006 @ 09:20 pm
When he leaned over to kiss her goodbye like he had seen everyone else do, because of their difference in heights her face rested right in the curve of his neck, just above the collar of the starched white uniform shirt that he was wearing with his dress blues. It was the first time his lips were on her and the warmth of his mouth on her cheek, and the scent of sandalwood, pine and fresh soap on him was like a joint of electricity to her system. She had rested her hand on his arm as he had slipped the other arm behind her to pull her to him in a seemingly casual move, but at least for Dana, it was so much more than that. It was the first time he had put his hands on her as well.

There had been the occasional ‘welcome’ handshake in the last two years she had known him and even a quick hello semi-embrace in which were so open that you could have ‘swung a cat between them' as her grandmother used to say. This was the first time that she was up close against him and it confirmed in practice what she already knew in her heart which was if Jack O’Neill ever touched her, she would be lost.

It lasted only seconds but felt like it happened in slow motion, with every movement, every sound drawn out beyond bearing. The sound of his breath in her ear as he pressed his lips against her cheek, the heat of his hand on her back, radiating through the thin silk of her dress made her all but moan as her hand on his arm involuntarily grasped the fabric of his jacket. She wanted to pull her to him and push him away in the same movement, but above all she was desperate to do neither and to react to him like she had reacted to the others, as one friend saying good-bye to another.

But she couldn’t do it. Her body wouldn’t let her. Inexplicably after the few brief times they had been around each other, they had become closer than she had expected and she began to want him. She told herself she would get over feeling elated when she knew he would be in town and overjoyed when he sought her out to spend his brief time in the city out with. But spending time out was all it was as there was a mutually drawn line between them and neither one of them had crossed it. That made the wanting him a little more bearable until tonight when he swept the line away by brushing his lips across her cheek.

As Jack began to move away, his hand lingered briefly on the small of Dana’s back. She released his jacket as she turned to look up at him for the first time unable to hide the longing in her eyes. She found in his eyes an answering look that promised that while it was the first time, his brief kiss tonight would be the first of many to come.
04 June 2006 @ 11:42 am
It was his wedding anniversary.

He had forgotten what day it was until mid-morning when the date on his computer suddenly came into stark piercing focus. The anguish that realization brought to him was almost too much for him to bear.

It had been weeks since he had thought about her and that bothered him. She had been the one true love in his life. She had been his moral compass, his true north. How many years were they married? How many years would it have been if they were still together? He sat helpless to remember, the pain in his heart crowding out any reasoning powers in his mind that he might have drawn upon to figure it out. Truthfully he didn’t want to figure it out. He didn’t want to count up the empty, lonely years without her. He didn’t want to sit here and ache and know that it was over and that nothing was ever going to change that or make it better.
04 June 2006 @ 09:59 am
It happened sometimes. Not often but it did happen. She remembered the first time during her internal medicine rotation. That had ended so very badly. Dr. Janet Frasier shook her head, frowning at the memory but the frown slowly began to turn into a smile It had ended badly but it had begun so very nicely.

Ok, that wasn’t helping. Think of something else, Janet.

Damn. It was too late.

Here she was again, in love with a patient under her care.

It didn’t matter that it wasn’t going to last. She knew that what she was feeling would eventually fade away if she didn’t act on it. It didn’t matter that he was already spoken for…sort of. What did matter was that it struck her like lightening in the middle of an examination and she was no longer a doctor examining her patient, she was a woman with her hands on a very handsome, highly desirable man who let her touch him whenever, wherever, however she deemed it to be necessary.

She tried to step away from the table where he sat patiently as she examined the healing progress his latest wound. The doctor in her head took back over for a moment and nodded in satisfaction that it was healing nicely.

Ok, she thought with relief, I’m fine. I’ll just concentrate on the medical issue at hand and everything will be fine.

She then gently pressed around the area to check for lesions and she inadvertently hit a sore spot causing him to wince in pain, the firm muscles of his chest rippling beneath her fingers. The vibration translated though the latex gloves she wore and she could feel her body shudder in response. She bit her bottom lip to hold back the moan that threatened to escape as her body continued to vibrate.


The query came quietly, next to her ear and snapped her back into the moment. She hadn’t realized that she had closed her eyes until she opened them and found herself staring back into Jack O’Neill’s deep brown eyes.

“Doc, you all right?”

Again he spoke quietly, softly making sure his words didn’t carry. He had leaned in to whisper and his face, his mouth, was so close that she could feel his breath on her cheek. She shuddered again.

His mouth…oh God….his mouth…

Janet stepped back almost stumbling as her legs threatened to give way beneath her. She had to put some distance between them or else she couldn’t be responsible for her actions.

She saw affectionate concern on his face as he came halfway to his feet and reached out to steady her. She stepped back again. She couldn’t let him touch her. If he touched her now, it would be over for her, for her career – everything. She had to get away. Now.

“You’re fine – everything’s fine, Colonel,” she said a little too brightly over her shoulder as she turned to walk away. “You can …go…now.” With shaking hands she pulled off her gloves and dropped them on the floor instead of the trash can as she usually did.

He was bigger than she was and quicker as he moved to block her way as she came stumbling around the table. As he stood before her, he filled everything in her line of sight. All she could see was his shirt opened revealing the silver grey hair contrasting against the tanned, firm chest and his navel circled by more of that soft fine silver grey hair sitting just above his belt that was slightly undone….

Oh God. Janet’s hand flew to cover her trembling lips as Jack reached out and took her by the shoulders. She looked up into his face hoping to God that he was as dense as he played at being. Even if he was, which she had long ago stopped believing, she knew he could feel her trembling at the pressure of his hands.

“I don’t feel well,” she whimpered at the question in his eyes. “A headache – a migraine. I can feel it coming on…”

It was the only lie she could think of that explained away her behavior and gave her a reason to leave so abruptly. “I’m going to go lay down for a moment …for a while.”

Without waiting for him to answer she pulled out of his hold making the mistake of laying her hand against his chest to give her leverage. The shock of her bare hand resting against his warm skin sent her reeling as she unsteadily fled the examination room.

Later that day, at the end of SG-1’s mission debriefing General Hammond informed them that Dr. Frasier had suddenly taken ill and would be out for the next few days….
03 June 2006 @ 02:20 pm
They had sent someone to pack his office which was fine with Jack because there was nothing more he hated than packing. His only responsibility in this phase of the move was to remove and secure any classified information and hand the key to Walter on his way out. They would take all of his odds and ends, swath them in newsprint and bubble wrap and make sure they arrived safe and sound and waiting for him in his new office in DC. It was their responsibility that nothing of his was left behind. All he was responsible for making sure not to leave himself behind. Jack smiled ruefully to himself. He might not make it to DC but the Air Force would make sure his things did.

He looked around at the office that he still thought of as General Hammond’s for one last time. It had been a short tenure, less than a year so he hadn’t left as much of a mark on this space as Hammond had. Even though it had been painted, and he had gotten a new chair (Hammond had taken the other one) and his diplomas and certificates were on the wall, Jack had always known this would never be “General O’Neill’s Office.” Hell, he didn’t even think of it as “General O’Neill’s Office.” It was never his and he knew it. He was just a placeholder until the next guy showed up. He hoped Landry would make a better impression on this place than he did.

As it did countless times a day, the alarm indicating that the Stargate was in use came blaring through the halls of the working levels of the SGC. Two seconds later Walter’s voice announced that it was a scheduled activation. One of the SG teams was on it way off world.

Jack moved to the large window in the conference room that over looked the gate room. The assigned SG team gathered at the base of the ramp was casually joking and laughing with each other as if they were waiting on some subway platform for their train to show up. Just another day at the office. He felt an ache in his heart. He was already missing it here. Whatever possessed him to agree to leave this place for the Pentagon of all places? He could already feel the walls of his office in DC closing in around him. Maybe it was time to really consider retirement again. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t earned it.

Chevron Seven locked into place and the gate room was momentarily over-lit with the brilliance of the roaring wormhole. The members of the SG team moved to take their places for moving out. As they always did, the leader of the SG teams looked up at the control room for the final thumbs up that sent them on their way. After a moment the SG leader returned the thumbs up to the control room and turned towards the Stargate to lead his team out. Jack felt a lump in his throat. This was the last SG team he would be seeing off for a long while, maybe forever. Who knows if TPTB would ever let him come back again, even for a casual visit? He watched as the ache in his heart grew stronger and he blinked against the moisture gathering in his eyes. It was attributed to that moisture as the reason that he wasn’t sure if he saw the SG team slow down as they approached the event horizon. Just before they were about to step through, they stopped and as if they were one man, turned smartly and came to attention. His attention and his eyesight sharpened. Ok, this was new. What the -

“Sir?” Jack was startled to hear Walter’s voice from behind him when he should have been in the control room. He turned around and was even more startled to find that the master sergeant was not alone. The conference room was quickly filling with the personnel of the other SG teams. The thought crossed his mind that maybe he really should seriously consider retirement since they had walked up behind him and he hadn’t heard them.

“Walter, what – what…” he started confused.

“General, “ Walter cut in, as was his custom. “We know that in a few days there’s going to be an official handover ceremony, but since this is your last day, we wanted to do something special.” He indicated for Jack to look back towards the gate room where the SG team on the ramp was now looking up at the conference room window. When they saw him looking down at them, they did the oddest thing: they reached up and all tapped on their uniform pockets when their name ribbons were located. Now totally confused, Jack turned back to Walter who stood indicating his own pocket where his name tag was located. Except it didn’t say “Harriman” like it always had before: the name on the ribbon was “O’Neill”.

Astonished, Jack looked around to see that all of the SG teams in the conference room pulling off their own name ribbons and replacing them with ones that read, “O’Neill.” Standing in the back of the room he saw his own former SG teammates, Daniel, Sam and Teal’c do the same.

“This is for you, Sir.” Through that damnable eye moisture that was quickly turning into real wetness, Jack saw a framed shadow box that contained a number of personnel name ribbons mounted on a background of Air Force Blue, among them was the friend he had lost early on in the program, “C. Kawalski”.

“We wanted to give you something to remember us while you’re in DC. These are the names of the first official SG team to go out from the SGC and the last team that is leaving here today under your watch.” Walter explained. “Although it was officially under General Hammond’s tenure, that the first team – your team, SG-1 - went out, we know that none of us would be here toady, sir, if it hadn’t for you. So today –“ He gave a nod that indicated all of the personnel in the room. “- we wanted you to know that in each one of us, there will always be more than a little bit of Jack O’Neill here at the SGC.”

At that from the back of the room, Jack heard Daniel, of all people, boomed out smartly, “Attention!” All of the SG teams in the room snapped to attention and saluted.

It was all Jack could do to hold back the tears as he came to attention and answered their salute. He then turned to the SG team who stood at attention front of the Stargate and gave them a salute. They quickly answered with their own and turned to disappear through the glowing event horizon. A few seconds later, the wormhole winked out and the Stargate stood silent.

Jack started to turn back toward the room but found that he couldn’t. “Walter,” he said quietly. The master sergeant moved to stand beside Jack at the window. “Thank you for this.”

Jack knew Walter understood as he met his gaze with tears in his eyes. Nodding slightly, Walter said quietly his voice full with emotion, “No, Sir. Thank You.”

Stepping back into his place in front of gathered SG teams, Walter announced, “Company Dismissed.” Although it was not his order to give, every person knew he was doing it on behalf of the General who they could see from the reflection in the conference room window, was biting his lower lip to hold back the tears. Also overcome with their own emotions, they left the room quietly and as the last one out, Walter closed the door behind him.

It took longer than he expected for Jack to pull himself together as he sat in his office trying not to weep. He had gone back to the desk and gently and loving wrapped the shadow box in bubble wrap and newsprint and packed it in his briefcase. No packing crate for this. He would personally take this with him to DC. When he was sure that he could face his people without breaking down into tears, he took one last look around and headed out for that long trip to the surface. He almost didn’t make it as every person who stopped to shake his hand on the way out was wearing his name above their heart.

Various Word Challenges: Memorial Day /Sacrifice
03 June 2006 @ 01:08 am
Jack came slowly to wakefulness; the intimate sensation of their limbs still entwined the first thing of which he became aware. Dana lay cradled in the curve of his arm, her head nestled beneath his chin, the steady beating of her heart against him. Her slow, even breaths that came with deep sleep flowed warmly against his chest as he lay tired but satisfied amid their passion rumpled sheets. He was surprised he had awakened before her. Usually after so intense a session of their love making he would awaken to find her playing lazily with the hairs on his chest, content to remain in his arms as he slept. A smile played across his lips as he began to stroke her hair gently. He was happy to return the favor this time. After all, this time she did do most of the work…

He had arrived home not too long before dawn and had intended to slip quietly into bed beside her, figuring that she had fallen asleep waiting up for him. One of the drawbacks about going off world was that to optimize their time on the planet, the team had to schedule their missions to coincide with the day cycle of the world they visited. Planet dawn on this last world came about 3:00 in the afternoon which made for a long day for him. They had stayed there for two days, just long enough to throw his sleep pattern off leaving him tired and cranky at the end of the mission. He had arranged to take the next few days off to spend with her and he hadn’t wanted to start them off worn out. Although, Jack thought to himself, there was “bad” worn out and there was “good” worn out. He laughed to himself and placed a soft kiss on his sleeping love’s forehead. This was “very good” worn out.

Feeling him move slightly beside her, Jack heard Dana give a murmur of protest in her sleep as she snuggle in closer to his warmth. It was almost summer, but there was a bit of a chill in the night air. As gently as he could, he reached across her and drew the crumpled sheet over their passion exhausted bodies. She murmured something unintelligible again before sighing softly and falling back into her slow rhythmic breathing. It was a soothing sound and along with the beating of Dana’s heart against his Jack felt peace settle over his weary but satisfied soul. Lying in the bed, with the woman he loved asleep in his arms, he felt a contentment that not so long ago he was sure was lost to him forever. He had traveled all over the know universe, had visited many places near and far, but no matter how far the journey, he always returned to this place, to this woman. It was her that his heart could rest and his soul could be satisfied. This place where she was always waiting was, to him, the center of his universe.

“It doesn’t get any better than this” he muttered sleepily as he buried his face in Dana’s hair. His breathing began to slow to match hers and his heart began to beat in her rhythm. In the moments before the soft fingers of dawn began to play softly across their passion rumpled bed, Jack drifted peacefully and contentedly back to sleep.
01 June 2006 @ 10:39 pm
The sound of the shower, just turned off, awakened her. Half-asleep, she smiled in the dark, content and thankful that he had made it safe home again. It was the middle of the night so he must have stayed late to finish up his missions reports instead of going back in the next day to write it as was his custom. He’d be home for a few days now, a few blissful days that she’d have him all to herself.

There was the click of the bathroom door being shut and the soft sound of bare feet on carpet. She felt the mattress moved with his weight as he climbed into bed and she could smell the warm moist sent of fresh soap that he carried with him. Her back was to him and she was just about to turn to him when she heard him sigh long and deeply. He must be tired. She decided to let him think she was still asleep so he wouldn’t feel the need to stay awake with her. It was enough to feel the warmth of his body beside her.

She was drifting back into the deeper layers of sleep, when she felt his hand on small of her back. It rested there a moment, and then moved slowly, gently over curve of her hip. The smile returned to her lips. It seemed that he wasn’t ready to fall sleep just yet.

It probably hadn’t hurt that underneath the light bed covering she didn’t have a stitch on.

His hand continued to move over the curve of her hip and then moved to caress the curve of her stomach just below where her arm lay across her body. His hand was the only part of him that touched her. God, she loved his hands. She loved the way he touched her. His hands were strong and his fingers were always gentle yet skilled on her more…delicate areas.

She loved how well he knew her body. She loved how he took pleasure in touching her, in knowing that he did gave her pleasure. It was like he had studied her reactions in depth and knew exactly what to do when to bring her to ever increasing levels of pleasure until she cried out not only in passion but in supplication for relief.

She turned towards him any remaining pretense of still being asleep done away with. “Did I wake you?” he whispered teasingly as he pulled her against him. She gave a surprised gasp in answer as skin meeting skin brought her the realization that under the light bed covering she wasn’t the only one who didn’t have a stitch on.

His quiet laughter at her reaction filled her with a sense of peace, wonder, and joy. She felt singularly blessed that all of his journeys began and ended here with her. In all of the universes, throughout all of the stars, the center of her world resided in the circle of his arms. As his lips met hers, he pulled her beneath him and her sigh of contentment was also a prayer of thankfulness that he was once again, safe home.
14 May 2006 @ 01:13 pm
He often came over. She was used now to having him around the house. The first time he appeared on her doorstep alone and unbidden she was confused and not a little uncomfortable, but his inability to be able to voice why he had come told her all that she needed to know. He just needed somewhere to go, somewhere to be so that he would not be alone. Somewhere where he would be accepted and safe, somewhere, where his heart could rest.

Since that first time, she would open the door and let him in with out a word. After a few times of trying to play hostess and to entertain, she realized that all he wanted to do was be with her. He was missing the feeling of home, of having someone else in the other room, the flutter of the feminine way of doing things. He’d smile at her random fluffing up throw pillows around the room and would raise his feet obligingly while she vacuumed. He was fascinated with watching her paint her toenails although she never got over feeling a bit embarrassed by him watching her. She would cook for him and occasionally he would cook for her or sometimes just bring a pizza. He always insisted on doing the dishes although she would always be there to put them away.

She tried to give him the guest bedroom but he refused, sleeping every time on the sofa in the living room covered by a blanket that she would find folded neatly the next morning after his early morning exit. He rarely stayed through into the next day, knowing that they both would have to get ready for work although one holiday weekend she persuaded him to stay for the full three days.

She turned down all offers that time and instead planned the weekend for just the two of them which included a movie marathon of old sci-fi films which made him laugh out loud and a picnic to one of her favorite outdoor spots that she had yet to share with anyone else. They ate cold fried chicken and potato salad, and nibbled on a batch of homemade sugar cookies that she had made for the first time since her mom had died. He had opened up that afternoon, telling her things he hadn’t spoken to anyone else about, not even his wife. She sat quietly and listened marveling at the depth of this man that she realized she hardly knew and was glad she hadn’t turned him away. Later that night, as he sat in the awake in the dark with only the glow of a single candle to light the room, she snuggled up next to him on the couch and fell asleep.

She woke up the next morning to him trying to place a pillow underneath her head without waking her, his blanket already wrapped around her. He was preparing to leave, their three day holiday was over and in a few hours they would have to get back to the real world. As he moved to leave, she realized that she didn’t want him to go and reached instinctively and took hold of his arm to hold him. He paused only for a moment, just long enough to lean over and place one slow gently kiss on her cheek. She released him and he was gone and she lay on the couch and wept.

~ ~ ~
Authors Note: I’ve purposely not mentioned any names in this fic because I want to see who the readers think these two are. All I will say is that they are Stargate but not Atlantis characters. Inspired by Special Challege # 2: Mothers on sg_challenges.